Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kelly Brook for Playboy...again!

Apparently. Kelly Brook's Playboy appearance was so popular she has already done another shoot for them.  What welcome news.  Let's hope it isn't quite as "arty" as the last one. 

Of course, people could be getting confused with her pre-Playboy shoot pictures which were done as a test and which we show here.

She probably needs the money as the appropriately named Michelle Mone, the head of the Ultimo lingerie firm with whom Kelly had a three year contract, ended the contract early as she didn't feel that posing nude was quite the thing for her firm's image. 

Kelly for Ultimo

Of course not, you wouldn't dream of using sex to sell lingerie would you?  Hadn't you remembered that Kelly was always a lingerie, topless and nude model.  That's why you hired her you puritanical Scottish nit! 

Meanwhile, Kelly turned up to the Princes Trust Rock Gala this week and the Daily Mail immediately launched into her saying that she had got too thin.

Kelly this week

The Daily Mail employs a swarm of evil harridans in their entertainment and beauty pages who spend their whole time attacking the appearance of every female celebrity you can name.   Whatever happened to sisterhood?

They particularly like to highlight women who have, according to their own bizzare standards, got too thin/too fat, have cellulite, have wrinkles, bad hair, look old, are overdressed or underdressed etc.etc.  The fact of the matter is that many of the fat/thin pictures are often just due to what sort of lens the photographer was using.

This one's our favourite!

Now Kelly has a dilemma because while Hollywood likes its actresses and presenters stick-thin it likes it glamour models to have big busts.

Given that Kelly is a natural girl (a cause for impressed amazement on many US websites - does everyone in America now have a fake bust?) she will of course see a proportionate lessening of her prime assets if she really is losing weight. 

A tricky trade off, eh, Kelly?  Or maybe a period of yo-yo dieting is called for.  TV programme?  Quick, two weeks on lettuce and carrot juice.  Playboy shoot?  Pasta and cakes!

She's got to rush, though, because she will be 31 next Tuesday which is a positively geological age in Hollywood!

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