Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kayla Collins in swimsuit ruckus

Kayla Colllins: lippy.  Compare with the photo below

Playboy Playmate Kayla Collins is making almost no impression on ITV reality show I'm a celebrity get me out of here!   Sadly for her she appears to be a nice, sweet girl with no sense of humour.   It's not that she is humourless she just isn't funny and to win his particular show that is what you have to be. 

One of Kayla's swimsuits

So far the female side of the show has been completely dominated by Scotish macrobiotic menace (what goes into a vegan haggis?) Gillian McKeith, who has a complete panic attack if she, literally, sees a fly. 

A swimsuit with lace on it?

Poor Kayla was hoping to push her new swimsuit range and has taken three items from her future line into the jungle.  Unfortunately, she has run foul of ITV's product placement rules so her chances of repeating Mylene Klass' endless shower scenes have disappeared.  ITV are having to limit the amount of time she can be shown in her swimsuit.

A fleeting appearance in the jungle for one of her swimsuits

Of course it's not all bad for little Kayla as the controversy itself has garnered welcome publicity.  After all, who would have know her swimsuits were from her range if she hadn't been banned from wearing them?

Kayla with a normal top lip in 2008

More worrying for Kayla is that her top lip has been the subject of much hilarity on the internet.  Just what has she had injected into it?

She has looked quite cute in a tiny pair of shorts but at 5'2" she doesn't really have the legs...

Anyway, more of Kayla wearing considerably fewer clothes over at Venus Observations here: Kayla

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