Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Calendar Girl July: Beatrice Rosen

A much more upmarket calendar girl this month in the gamine form of French actress Beatrice Rosen. In fact, Beatrice was born BĂ©atrice Rosenblatt in New York City but she was raised in paris where she first studied acting at the age of ten. Her first film was a French short, co-starring Audrey Tatou, made when she was 21, where she played a student.

Beatrice in Sharpe's Peril

She first came to Agent Triple P's notice when she played a French officer's wife in Sharpe's Peril (2008) looking very effective in her Empire line dress.

Since her screen debut in 1998 she has been a very busy actress indeed, appearing in over thirty productions; initially in France but then moving back to the US after getting several roles in 2004. Despite having been brought up in Paris for most of hert life she had to learn and deliver an American accent.

Her American accent was successful and she has had parts in Smallville and Charmed, two of Agent Triple P' favourite American trashy TV series, as well as other American TV series.

Recently she has appeared in blockbusters The Dark Knight (2009) and 2012 (2008). Sadly for Beatrice, at 32 she is probably now too old, given the age of Hollywood leading ladies these days, to hit the big time.

A willowy 5'7" shw has done many fashion shoots for magazines, not surprisingly.

She is also the new spokesperson for the Frenchluxury leather brand, Lancel, which must keep her in handbags.

Perhaps, almost inevitably, she is also a singer and is working on her first album having recorded a duet with Gallic singer Stanislas last year.

Unusually, we have no idea what charity she supports but I'm sure it is either something very worthy.

Agent Triple P likes Ms Rosen very much and she is, indeed, our favourite calendar girl of the year so far.

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