Thursday, June 17, 2010

Southwest Airlines Stewardesses of the 1970s

After British Airways Southwest Airlines is probably the airline we have flown most with due to a slew of city hopping tours in the Western United States over the past few years. Back in the early seventies the appeal of an airline's trolley dollies was a critcal part of their marketing as these adverts from 1972 show.

Today the female Southwest Airlines cabin crew uniform is one of the ugliest (like their aircraft colours) you will see. In particular, the shorts that they wear (and it is hot many of the places they fly to) are quite horrible, particularly on some of their larger ladies. Of course, back in the far from equal seventies there were far less obese Americans than today and if you were fat you wouldn't have got a job as a stewardess anyway.

Never will we see the like of this again. Surely the sexiest stewardess picture ever. If one photo would make you fly Southwest this would be it.

And, of course, if you didn't want to wear hot pants you could always opt for a miniskirt instead! Flying must have been a lot more fun in the seventies!

It's the boots with cutaway holes that do it, of course...

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