Thursday, June 17, 2010

Calendar Girl June: Abbey Clancy

This month's somewhat low-rent calendar girl is, appropriately, original WAG Abigail Clancy, girlfriend of tragically unhip footballer Peter Crouch. Her relationship with gangly robotic non-dancer Crouch became public at the previous World Cup whilst she was appearing on Britain's Next Top Model (she came second). Unfortunately, she was sent home in disgrace half way through the tournament amidst allegations of cocaine taking and cheating on her boyfriend.

Now twenty four, she suffers from the insurmountable problem, for Triple P, of coming from Liverpool which is why we really can't be bothered to find out that much about her as however nice she looks we know that she will have that accent.

She actually does look quite nice with a reasonable waist/hip ratio and a nicely proportionate (and, apparently, real) bust.

She is a rather lanky 5'9" tall which still means that she is an amazing 10 inches shorter than her fiancé.