Monday, May 10, 2010

1962 Chevrolet Impala

We love this wonderful piece of black and white rendering by Detroit based graphic artist Harry Borgman. Borgman worked on both Ford and Chevrolet accounts in the early sixties and produced some classic illustrations.

The Impala started life as a special edition of the Bel Air coupe in 1958, becoming a seperate model the following year. Right hand drive cars were made at General Motors's Oshawa plant in Canada and were shipped overseas in kit form for assembly in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Agent Triple P knows a particularly elegant and beautiful girl, who now works for the Canadian government, who started her working life as a production line assembly girl in Oshawa.

The six tail lights were an Impala characteristic

The 62 Impala is one of those cars that particularly appeals to the sort of American who likes to fiddle around with cars' suspension in order to try to attract the sort of slutty women who think that such things are appealing.

The 62 Impala was available in both an eco friendly 5.4 litre and couldn't give a damn 6.7 litre version.

More Harry Borgman wondefulness. He used to collect and draw backdrops on his travels in case he could use them for his illustrations.

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