Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Archduke trio: a shadow of its former self

Now, Agent Triple P has been going to the Archduke wine bar, near Waterloo station, for more than 25 years. The wine is, admittedly, rather overpriced, the clientele is on the older side, but it is very handy for Waterloo station.

The restaurant on the top floor was famous for its signature dish: The Archduke Trio, a collection of different, and variable from week to week, sausages. These sausages were very fine and were produced by a sausage butcher in SE1.

Today, however, we cannot recommend the Archduke Trio. Indeed, they don't even call it the Archduke Trio any more. There is a passing reference to having a "trio" of different sausages (rather then three the same) but it is almost as if they are embarrased by the name. And well might they be. The sausages served at the Archduke, having been some of the best in London, are now disgusting! They are soft, slimy bags of fat and cereal. Frankly they are inferior even to supermarket cafeteria sausages. Sausages should be meaty and firm not soft and squishy!

It's a disgrace and a sad reflection on what was a great and early wine bar in London. Sort it out!

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