Saturday, August 20, 2011

Calendar Girl August 2011: Kelly Brook

Our calendar girl for August is the luscious Kelly Brook of whom we have many, many pictures on this blog so don't feel the need to post any more.  Oh alright then, just a few.

So here are just a few more pictures from her recent trip to Italy.  We'd hesitate to call these paparazzi photographs as that implies that they are being taken against the will of the subject and we suspect that is certainly not the case here!

That said, few women take as good a reportage candid as Kelly.  Maybe she just always assumes there will be a photographer lurking nearby and dresses accordingly.

As we have noted before she does look splendidly ripe at present and we definitely prefer her carrying a bit more weight as it seems to accrue to all the right places.

This is a telling shot as Kelly strides ahead of her friends in an attempt to make sure that she is the only one in focus.  Nice retro-looking swimsuit.  Triumphant again, Kelly!

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