Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Breakfast of the Week 7: Oscar Restaurant at the Charlotte Street Hotel

The Charlotte Street Hotel is a good place for a breakfast meeting if you need to be the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street.  It's also a good place for afternoon tea and the bar is always busy.  Agent Triple P used to go there regularly as his office used to be very nearby, so it was nice to be back there again the other week.

Although the building is old it didn't open as a hotel until 2000 and is a small boutique five star establishment with just 52 rooms.  It was designed by Kit Kemp and features work by contemporary British artists.

Oscars Restaurant

We have to say that although we like the atmosphere of the place the service in the restaurant and bar is rather average.  The cooked breakfast at £20.00 is supposed to consist of eggs, a Cumberland sausage, sweet cured bacon, plum tomoatoes, grilled field mushrooms, black pudding and bubble and squeak.  Included in the price are freshly squeezed juices, toast and preserves and tea or coffee, which is not a bad price for a West End hotel.

However, we found our breakfast tasty but on the small side.  One egg, one mushroom and no sign of the black pudding.  Our companion passed on black pudding and we suspect they got confused.  You are a five star hotel you shoudln't get these things wrong.  We asked for baked beans instead of bubble and squeak (a disgustuing mixture of fried cabbage and potoes, for our foreign readers) and were charged an eye watering £4.00 for two tablespoons of beans.  Worse than that, and we have to reiterate that it was tasty, was that the tea was lukewarm by the time it arrived which rather wrecked the fact that it was proper leaf tea.

So all in all good potential but let down by the service (as ever) so we can only give it 6/10.

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