Saturday, February 19, 2011

Martini of the Week 6: Palazzo Donizetti, Istanbul

Agent Triple P, dring his recent trip to Istanbul, had a vodka Martinis at the bar of the Hotel Palazzo Donizetti.  A boutique five star hotel that opened in the autumn of last year it didn't have a restaurant but did have a proper bar or, rather, it was set up to look like an English pub, which made it less than enticing for Triple P.

The lobby of the Palazzo Donizetti;  The bar is through the doors on the right

Earlier in the evening, when we had popped our head into the place they were playing music that was too loud.  When he went in much later, however, it had calmed down a bit and so we took a Martini at the bar with a couple of travelling companions.  The Martini was properly made but they used the bits of ice in the glass technique to chill the glass which never really works properly.  However, they did ensure there was only one olive in the drink!

Still, not a bad effort and probably worthy of a 6/10.