Thursday, February 10, 2011

Linda Gray back in Dallas and looking fantastic

Linda Gray fabulous at seventy

Agent Triple P used to love Dallas, back in the eighties, and used to watch it regularly with his friend SA.  We can't say that we are that excited about the new Dallas film, however, despite them signing up some of the previous stars to appear in it.  It was very much a thing of its time and probably should be left alone.

One of the stars scheduled to reappear is Linda Gray, who was in action in a charity fashion show in New York last night.  Now we know she has had some plastic surgery done but it seems to have been very well done indeed as she looks sensational at the age of seventy!

Her performance as the quivering-lipped Sue Ellen was one of the highlights of eighties TV and we are pleased to see her looking so good twenty years after the series finished and over thirty years since it started.  Gray was never intended to be a lead character but impressed the producers so much in the first few episodes that her part was expanded.

Gray many,many years ago

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