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Calendar Girl November: Zöe Salmon

Zöe's calendar pose

Agent Triple P is determined to keep up to date with his calendar girls this year so that means quickly despatching the last two from 2010 in  short sucession.

Sexing up a venerable BBC institution?  Surely some mistake!

Firstly, November's lady was former Blue Peter presenter Zöe Salmon.  Blue Peter is a British TV children's magazine programme and is famously the longest running children's TV show in the world having been first broadcast in 1958.. 

When Triple P was young the lady presenters were not exactly attractive but latterly this has changed and for a time Blue Peter featured the delectable duo of Zöe and another Triple P favourite, Konnie Huq,  who Triple P literally ran into once in Boots in Heathrow Airport.  

Konnie and Zöe: Many more fathers started tuning into Blue Peter

Zöe first appeared on the show in December 2004 and left in June 2008.  As a former beauty queen she was a controversial choice and the BBC was accused of "sexing up" the show. 

Some critics felt that she was not particularly comfortable around children and shouldn't have been selected for the show; one of the top jobs on British TV. It later also turned out that the position had only been advertised in Northern Ireland and Scotland to ensure a suitably regional candidate.  She ran into more trouble when she suggested putting the Red Hand of Ulster, a Northern Irish protestant, Loyalist symbol, on a British Airways plane as a symbol of Britishness.

Zöe wing walking

She soon became the series "action girl" doing activities such as wing walking for the show.  A video of her trying out cold water swimming for the show became a massive hit on YouTube as she chose to wear a skimpy, low-cut bikini rather than a sensible one piece suit.

Zöe was born in the seaside town of Bangor, Northern Ireland, which Triple P visited once and found to be a a rather pleasant resort.  She got a law degree at Queen's University, Belfast and qualified as a solicitor.  She became Miss Northern Ireland in 1999.

Zöe in Dancing on Ice

She has had a number of TV jobs since leaving Blue Peter but has not achieved the profile of her co-presenter Konnie Huq.  In 2008 she came fifth in celebrity reality TV competition Dancing on Ice and certainly looked very cute as a skater.

Easily passes the Agent Triple P "dcoes she look good in a vest?" test

Zöe has had a couple of cameo roles in films including St Trinian's (2006) and, more susprisingly, Get Him to the Greek (2010).

Childrens' entertainers, once they break away from the rigid rules of children's TV, often like to prove that they are able to function in the adult world so both she and Konnie Huq posed for a memorable issue of FHM in  May 2009.  

She has also been photographed out and about wearing a very daring dress which barely covered her assets.

Zoe, we have to say, easily trumped Konnie in FHM, showing off her beauty queen, 5' 7" tall figure.  In 2009 she placed a very creditable 20th on the FHM 100 sexiest women list.

Zöe is thirty one this Friday so we wish her a very happy birthday!

She makes even sensible swimwear look good!

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