Monday, January 17, 2011

Black and White Babe of the Week 27: Claudia Koll

At the suggestion of B we recently watched the Tinto Brass film Cosi fan Tutte (1992) or,  All Ladies Do It as  Triple P's (uncut) US version calls it. 

It is the usual Brass mixture of beautiful girls (invariably photographed naked from behind) , abstracted sets and soft core sex but this one features the luminescent Claudia Koll who makes this otherwise rather dreadful film more than watchable.

The plot, what there is of it, seems to focus on Koll's character's quest to find a man who will have anal sex with her. 

This enables Brass to include lots of shots of  Koll's quite exceptionally fine posterior and, indeed her anus.  We cannot imagine why B thought such a subject would be of interest to us!

Koll was born Claudia Colacione in Rome in 1965 and made her first film in 1989.  She made a number of films over the next decade but in 2000 became a staunch Catholic, having had a Damascene revelation, as she had abandoned her early upbringing in the church. 

She now spends her time talking about her conversion and promoting religion, having renounced her previous life.

At least we have this fine set of studies, from 1992, to remember her past loveliness.

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