Monday, December 20, 2010

Pamela Stephenson: Overrated on Strictly?

We used to like Pamela Stephenson when she was a dizzy blonde starlet in the late seventies.  She appeared in the likes of Hazell and The Professionals and had herself photographed in see through tops (to little effect) before hitting the big time in Not the Nine O'Clock News.  So we were delighted to see her in Strictly Come Dancing.  But then something weird happened.  The professional judges started to patently overmark her.  Four tens? We don't think so.  Was this the BBC trying to compensate for being accused of being ageist?  She was quite good but her routines were low risk and low difficulty compared with the peerless Kara Tointon and yet she got higher marks.  By the final it was looking like blatant favouritism and we were glad to see the Great British Public voting her off, despite the drooling judges.

Interestingly the Daily Mail piece on her on their website had comments frozen after eighteen posts (which they never do).  Had they fallen for the Emperor's new clothes  assessment of her as well?  Lovely lady but glad she didn't win.

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