Monday, November 29, 2010

Kayla Collins still in I'm a Celebrity...

A truly horrible bikini!

Much to Agent Triple P's surprise Playboy playmate Kayla Collins remains in contention for I'm a Celebrity...  She was, amazingly, not one of the first four people to be evicted by the public vote, although given that she has done very little other than squeak in that annoying American way and wander about in her horrible swimsuits we suspect she may be out soon!

Better in every way...

The ITV producers seem to have given in on showing her swimsuit line as said three (rather trashy) swimsuits have been making ever increasing appearances.  Frankly, lace on a swimsuit is just wrong, even if it is what is known in the top department stores as "cruise wear" (swimsuits which aren't designed to get wet.

I'm sorry but this is not a good look even for the super skinny.  frankly it just makes you look a bit chubby!

Speaking of appearances we are becoming increasingly fascinated by Kayla's swollen and immobile upper lip.  Britt Ekland's face is equally immobile but she is 68 and has had everything lifted.  Kayla is only 24 and it is really rather tragic that she feels that it is necessary to mess about with what was a perfectly pretty face.  But pink lace and animal print is not good!

Well, we will see if she survives today but she must be close to the end of her sell by date.  We can then look forward to her celebrating being evicted with more bikini pictures in the sea...

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