Monday, October 4, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing returns....


Which means the welcome return to the small screen of bossy Polish sex droplet Ola Jordan. Frankly we could quite happily spend ages watch Ola do the hoovering, provided she was wearing a tiny, sparkly French maid's outfit. Incidentally, Triple P is amused to discover that that there is a whole industry of ladies who will dress as French maids and clean your house, do your ironing, prepare your foood etc. Odd, we thought that these were called wives.


Anyway. already the BBC is in trouble over the abbreviated nature of this year's ladies costumes with grumpy people complaining that they are inappropriate for a family show. Surely the definition of a family show is one that entertain's the whole family. If it doesn't it's just a woman's show, a children's show etc. We would have thought that Ola and co's sparkly little outfits would have been found to be very entertaining by most of the men watching; providing a source of enjoyment equalled by the other family members appreciation of the sequinned outfits, male dancers, terpsichorean efforts etc. Its only fair!

Aliona : dressed as a pole dancer, according to one journalist

So we think that those internet journalists (no doubt blubbery women who never get any exercise) are just jealous that the likes of Aliona Vilani can get away with being dressed as "pole dancers" as one of these "wimmin" put it. Maybe if they got out and did five or six hours of aerobic execise a day they would suddenly decide that they would want to start wearing tiny outfits too.


The BBC have been accused, with more justification, of ageism as regards the hiring of preofessional dancers. Several of the "old guard" have disappeared over the last few years. Triple P is quite happy about this as this years crop of celebrity ladies are, we think, rather older than normal and so need counterblancing by the younger professional dancers. So no ageism there.

Kara Tointon

This year's celebrity tottie is the somewhat down market Kara Tointon, the face of poor people's supermarket chain Asda's lingerie range. We have examined Kara in some detail before and feel that she is not in the same league as the divine Kelly Brook a few years ago.


The other younger lady celebrities, the unknown one from Destiny's Child and a busty hobbit from some soap are not so interesting either. So our attention will be focussed even more on the professional dancers: Ola (27), Aliona (25), Kristina (33), Natalie (30), Katya (27) and Flavia (31).
The elegant Erin Boag, at 35, is the oldest lady professional and is the only one who has done all eight series. However, she seems to manage to look younger every year and seems to have some sort of power at the BBC that keeps her in. She is the only one Triple P has met and she seems quite delightful.

Ola and Gollum

Sadly, Ola seems destined for a quick exit, having won the title last year. She is paired with annoying little goblin Paul Daniels and is likely to be first out this weekend. Hopefully, this means that she will be freed up to do some non-competition jiggling during the rest of the series; hopefully in a catsuit. Incidentally, Ola's outfit this week looked like it had had its ruffled tail added at the last minute over the original tail of her costume. Maybe even the BBC felt that the original would have been too minimal.


Never mind we have the lovely Lithuanian born Canadian Katya Virshilas to appreciate too, although as she is paired with the former Mr Charlotte Church she may not last long either. Last year Katya actually put on a stone (14lbs/7kg for you foreigners) in weight during her time on Strictly due to discovering the delights of traditional English breakfasts. This year that has all gone and she is looking hot to trot.

Aliona's tummy again

Anyway, it's going to be a sparkly autumn!

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