Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daunt Books Cheapside

There used to be a couple of bookshops in Cheapside (between Bank and St Pauls) but both disappeared some years ago.  It is particularly welcome to  see the appearance of a new independent bookshop at 61 Cheapside, therefore.

Daunt Books have been in Marylebone for around twenty years but their City branch is just two weeks old.  A large-ish two storey affair, it uses a unique approach downstairs where it sorts books by geographic regions.  If you are off to the Balkans, say, in one section they have travel, history and novels relating to that region.  This is an excellent idea.  Only the other week we were off to Istanbul and fancied finding a novel set there.  This shop lets you do that.  

We hope it is a success in the intellectual dustbin that is the City.  We were discussing the shop with one of the ladies who works there who was, quite simply, one of the most beautiful women we have ever met.  A splendid advertisement for the place.  We will be a regular visitor!

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