Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First glimpse of Kelly Brook in Playboy

Kelly for the cover of September's Playboy

Kelly Brook's publicist continues to work flat out, with a flurry of pieces about Miss Brook appearing over the last week. Big news, of course, is the appearance next week of her Playboy shoot and the first images, taken by Ellen von Unwerth, have just been released. "Ellen is amazing," says Kelly (or probably her publicist) "She really brought us back to those gorgeous shoots from the 1960s and 70s, when the girls were all natural. You don't see that very often these days." Now there we would have to agree with you Kelly. One stand we would like to see Playboy make is to ditch girls with plastic breasts.

Anyway, from the obviously cropped picture above, Kelly is obviously displaying her natural 32E assets for the magazine. We were rather concerned, given the small number of shops who actually stock Playboy in London, that it might be difficult to acquire and will sell out of the shops that do have it (Agent Triple P's only source is a newsagent near Soho and no we aren't going to tell you where as they only stock two or three copies). Fortunately, Triple P has to travel to Toronto next week for five days where it is much easier to buy.

Kelly has also been flashing her PhotoShopped body on the latest Reebok advert for their trendy Easy Tones trainers. She happily posed in front of the 50' billboard.

"It's a bit scary having yourself up on a billboard but I suppose I've got to get used to it because I just did a shoot for Playboy. It seems this month is my naked month," she said managing to get a plug in for the magazine as well. Road safety campaigners have already branded the billboard a "deadly distraction" for drivers; which all adds to the publicity.

Would this make you crash your car?

Finally, in a masterpice of PR co-ordination her Playboy appearance coincides with the release of her new film Piranha 3D, which is currently one of the most searched items on this blog. The tabloids are full of breathless stories about her "lesbian sex scene" but a blurry screen shot only reveals Miss Brook and "co-star", porn actress Riley Steele, indulging in what looks like an underwater waltz. Obviously her time on Strictly Come Dancing wasn't entirely wasted.

Kelly has been working hard in Los Angeles to promote herself..er, sorry, the film and has given some very illuminating quotes on what to expect from this eagerly anticipated epic. She described the film as about "a lot of fish that eat a lot of buff boys and big-boobied girls". Our favourite quote from her, however, has to be "If you like horror and you like fish then go and see it."

Riley Steele pops out for Kelly in Piranha 3D

Finally, Kelly was photographed this week dressed in a most peculiar outfit en route to a party at Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. A case of trying a little bit too hard we think, Kelly.

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