Monday, June 7, 2010

Kelly Brook to pose for Playboy

Kelly poses with digitally inserted lion

Splendid news that the luscious Kelly Brook has agreed to pose for some "tasteful" pictures for a forthcoming Playboy; for a modest fee of $500,000 ( a bargain, surely?). Lets just hope they don't: plaster on too much make-up so that the poor girl is unrecognisable; do some "arty" layout, like this month's FHM shoot (we want to look at Kelly not some badly inserted lion); put her in some really ugly fashions or Photoshop her to the extent that she looks like a waxwork. Well, alright the last is probably wishful thinking. No date for her appearance has been set yet but at least Agent Triple P has now found a shop in London that actually sells Playboy.

A lot of writing with a girl behind it

What a shadow of its former self this magazine has become. This month's issue is a measly 152 pages compared with June 1976, which we are currently researching for Venus Observations, which is a hefty 234 pages.

A girl with some writing

The 1976 cover actually has more words on it than the 2010 one but they take up a lot less space. Less is more, chaps...

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