Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Future Interiors from the Past 4: Residential City Modules by Syd Mead

This is not only one of Agent Triple P's favourite retro future illustrations it is one of his favourite illustration full stop. From designer Syd Mead's 1970 portfolio of prints for US Steel called Interface, it features a house built with steel post and beam modules with a cast ornamental frame visible just inside the building.

Apart from his design ability, which spans corporate industrial clients, magazines (Playboy) and films (Tron) what sets his future visions apart are his tight, high-contrast renderings which give the future that never was a clear, clean bright look in complete contrast to the grimy look of the film he is most famous for, Blade Runner.

Almost an exercise in perspective the angular architecture showcased here is broken up by the organic forms of the trees and the characteristically curvilenear cars. He uses a very restricted palette of white, black, yellow, blue and brown. It captures a perfect moment in a time that will never be. Who wouldn't want to come home to their ultra modern house in their sleek coupe to the waiting yellow-clad lovely?
A masterpiece of industrial illustration!