Friday, April 2, 2010

Spanish Air Comet stewardesses pose for calendar

A group of stewardesses (we can't be doing with all this flight attendant nonsense) from bankrupt Spanish airline Air Comet have stripped off for a tasteful calendar aimed at bringing attention to the fact that they are owed up to nine months pay.

Given that they are selling the calendar for 15 Euros a time they presumably hope to make some money too, although its bad luck on the ugly ones who don't have any calendar income.

Although, apparently, they have only printed 1500 copies and given the interest from the press they might need to do another print run!

Air Comet was founded in 1996 as Air Plus Comet (there is another Air Comet in Chile) and were based in Madrid serving long haul destinations in Latin America.

In 1997 they took over the routes of the bankrupt Air Madrid and became Spain's second largets airline after Iberia.

It all started to go wrong in early 2009 when the airline couldn't pay its leasing fees to its German bank.

The Spanish transport ministry withdrew their operating licence when it realised the airline couldn't pay for fuel.

Its collapse left thousands of passengers stranded and the Spanish government had to spend 6.3 million Euros on leasing four planes to bring them all home.

The airline has made all 640 of its employees redundant including these lovely creatures.

Agent Triple P can't help but observing (given that we missed a trip to Washington DC last month due to the BA strike) that he hasn't seen more than a couple of attractive BA stewardesses in ten years of regular flying but Air Comet had at least a Calendar's worth of them!

Triple P has scoured the internet looking for the young ladies calendar pages (Penelope Cruz-a-like Miss November is Triple P's favourite) and managed to track down all but Miss May so we will have to content ourselves with a screen capture from a TV piece about them.

Well we wish the ladies well in their endeavours: their aim of bringing attention to their plight has probably succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Above, we have the girls in happier days before they had to hand back their uniforms leaving them nothing to wear.

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