Thursday, April 15, 2010

Iceland. What next?

Kaboom! goes Iceland. if only...

Agent Triple P usually doesn't think aboiut Iceland much. It is one of the few European countries he hasn't visited. As one of Triple P's friends said once "Why go there? It looks like Mordor!"

However, now the radio news claims we are all going to be covered in volcanic ash from a volcano (naturally) that has erupted under the wonderfully named Eyjafjallajokull glacier.

Good grief. Iceland is starting to get annoying! First all their banks go bust taking huge amounts of money invested by UK local authorities. Then we find that secretly they have been buying up half the British high street and so all their shops go bust making the average high street look like something from 1930s America. Because all these shops are closing the papers get all wound up and make our financial crisis worse than it already is. Now they are going to shower us with volcanic ash!

In this stirring painting a nasty Icelandic gunboat threatens innocent British fisherman

Agent Triple P remembers The Cod Wars of the Seventies when the Icelanders tried to unilaterally increase their terrotorial waters to an area bigger than their own country and tried to beat up our fisherman by intimidating them with their coastguard and cutting the nets of our trawlers. The Icelanders got nasty, trying to buy gunboats from first the Americans and then the Soviet. In the end the UK was forced into conceding a fishing quota in seas that didn't belong to Iceland as the wily Icelanders blackmailed the British government by threating to close a key British run Nato base on the island. In other words, they not only tried to buy Soviet warships but they were prepared to threaten the security of the West as well. Every time we hear the word "Icelandic" we always connect it with the word "gunboat".

Time to take action against this annoying little place before they come up with some other trouble!