Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sarah Harding at the St Trinians premiere

We never need an excuse to post pictures of Girls Aloud's lovely Sarah Harding, so here she is in a stunning dress (with a particularly effective slash showing that she didn't need knickers) at the premier of the new St Trinian's film in London last night. At 28, the oldest girl in the group, she makes a rather elderly schoolgirl. After all, Shirley (Goldfinger) Eaton, was only 17 when she appeared as a sixth-former in the original The Belles of St Trinians (1954).
Sarah has one of those nice clefts in her back

Given the close fitting nature of her dress last night at least she managed to stay in it rather than engagingly popping out as has happened in the past.

We have been looking for an excuse to post these two paparazzi pictures taken of Sarah on holiday and so might as well pop them in here. She certainly looks fit and toned in a bikini which leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. Splendid!

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