Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calendar Girl December: Anne V

Last Calendar picture of the noughties

Well, we have got to the end of another year and so come to our last calendar girl of the year. We have not managed to pick up a Sports Illustrated Calendar for next year (as they aren't available in the UK anymore) and went to Canada just too early to pick one up there.

This is not a great disaster as they tend to use the same girls over and over so next year's are likely to be largely the same as this year's.

Anne V displays a nice hemisphere

Our last girl is known as Anne V. Agent Triple P finds this use of a forename and then the first letter of your surname very annoying. Esentially you are saying "I'm not famous enough to be just known by my first name (Cindy, Claudia, Elle) but I am far too important to just use my last name like everybody else." Or, in reality, "I have a last name that's so unpronounceable I have to use my initial".

In this case Anne's last name is Vyalitsyna (all the "V" business is instantly explained) and her real first name is a much more Russian Anna.

The daughter of two doctors from Nizhny Novgorod (or Gorky, to Agent Triple P), she began modelling at the age of 15 having won an MTV competition in St Petersburg.

Anne on the catwalk for the Fall 2009 collections

A serious catwalk, as well as a photographic, model she has a very runway friendly 5'10" and 33-24-35 figure.

She has fronted campaigns for DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, Zara and the Chanel (for Chance perfume).

Anne for Chanel

One of the new wave of Russian models that took the fashion world by storm six or seven years ago she ran the New York Marathon this year and guided a disabled athlete around the course.

Still only 23 and living in New York she claims to have no boyfriend and her only friends are other Russian models. Sad!

Our favourite picture!

We quite like Anne V although her look is perhaps a little austere for our tastes; although she has excellent legs.

Another weird Sports Illustrated body painting picture

She is currently very visible on the London Underground advertising H&M (below centre).

A splendid end for 2009

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