Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black and White babe of the Week 14: Claudia Schiffer

We have always been a little diffident about Miss Schiffer. In her prime she was a truly lovely woman, in a young Brigitte Bardot way, with a fabulous figure and yet she just didn't exude the same sensuality as Cindy Crawford or Stephanie Seymour. Perhaps, subconsciously, it was because she refused to pose nude and therefore we saw her as something of a prude compared with the previous two.

Claudia looking good on a yacht with a nice, full figure

However paparazzi photos of her topless show that this is not the case in private. Triple P's Canadian friend S ventured that it was because Schiffer was a German and therefore unsexy by definition. An assertion we have to disagree with!

Claudia looking too skinny

Now 39, Schiffer, like Crawford and Christensen continues to model; the picture below is from April 2009's Vogue.

Recent advertising and fashion magazine pictures of her have seen her looking rather gaunt and displaying rather prominent cheekbones. We prefer her with the softer look she has when she is a bit heavier.

Claudia in Paris October 2009

This candid taken in Paris about seven weeks ago shows her looking back at her best. We would much prefer it if the fashion industry embraced ageing a bit more and stopped photoshopping older women's faces until they look like wax Madame Tussauds sculptures. The whole point, now, of using Claudia as a model is to use someone older and (we suspect) more relevant to most women buying high-end products.

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