Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sarah Harding in hot pants at Liverpool Street Station!

Agent Triple P likes Girls Aloud "singer" Sarah Harding a great deal. She is not a neighbour, like Cheryl Cole, but she is, we would venture, naturally prettier. She was out and about in the City on Sunday shooting scenes for the new St Trinians film at Liverpool Street Station.

Now we hate to admit it, but we haven't seen the first in this Naughties re-boot of the classic Launder & Gilliat films from the fifties and sixties (the less said about the ghastly The Wildcats of St Trinian's (1980) the better!).

Nevertheless, any film with Sarah Harding dressed in a faux school uniform based upon leather hot pants must be worth a few minutes of our time even if, at 27, she is rather too old to play a schoolgirl!

Girls Aloud have turned down a multi-million dollar offer from Playboy to pose saying that they all have "body issues". This must be galling for Sarah who, we would venture, has considerably less "body issues" than the other girls; as her campaign for Ultimo lingerie proved. Come on, Playboy, dump the others and just focus on La Harding!

No, you look perfectly fine to us! No "issues" at all!

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