Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cheryl Cole's arse

What better way to start the Further Adventure of Triple P than with a look at our neighbour Cheryl Cole's posterior.

Agent Triple P was in HMV on Oxford Street yesterday, looking for Ray Harryhausen films, when he chanced upon this striking poster of Mrs Cole. Now Cheryl, when told she had topped the Sexiest Woman in the World poll for FHM was rather incredulous; claiming that she hadn't got much of a rear and was nicknamed "flatty batty". Now we all know that the visual image of women like this relies on spending a huge amount on grooming and clothes (£250,000 a year in Cheryl's case, according to The Sun) and a large amount of post-photographic digital tinkering. So, is Cheryl's postererior digitally improved or not?

Further investigation may be necessary. These paparazzi shots are, presumably, not digitally enhanced and we can see that whilst Cheryl does not have a behind like Jennifer Lopez it still looks trim and there is a good, steep angle between the insertion of the hamstings under the glutues maximus.

However whilst the lower gluteus has the necessary bulk the upper part does look, indeed, a bit flat. What really ruins her behind, however, are all those ghastly tattoos.