Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beauty Queen of the Month: Katrina Hodge

There can't be any doubt that the beauty queen of the month has to be Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

She was runner up in the Miss England competition earlier in the year (having finished fifth last year).

Frankly, we can't see why she didn't win as we think she was much more elegant than the actual winner Rachel Christie who is Olympic Gold medal winning sprinter Linford Christie's cousin.

Although, to be fair, we gather, as she is also a sprinter, that she looks better in full flight down the track. Girls with muscle often look peculiar in frou-frou outfits.

Certainly it's the first time a Miss England contestant has given a demonstration of rifle drill as her competition talent!

This week Canadian based lingerie chain La Senza, (oh, how many hours we have spent hanging around their shops across Canada waiting for certain people to make their minds up) announced that Katrina would be heading up their new advertising campaign. They'll also be offering 15% discount to members of HM Armed forces.

Katrina won a bravery commendation as an 18 year old serving in Basra. She was travelling in vehicle containing an Iraqi insurgent under arrest. The vehicle crashed and, in the confusion, the insurgent grabbed two rifles and attempted to theaten the shaken troops. Katrina wasn't shaken however and knocked the rebel down with a single punch before wrestling the rifles off him. She now goes under the nickname of "Combat Barbie". It must have been particularly humiliating for the Iraqi to be disarmed by a girl!

The disarming Cpl Hodge and her weapons of mass distraction.

Agent Triple P thinks that she is a quite splendid example of a daughter of Albion!

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