Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Albarino, Lagar de Bouza

Agent Triple P dined at the Tapas Bar in Leadenhall market, not once, but twice yesterday under the crisply gorgeous management of the the lovely A.

Not only do they now know which our favourite table is but they also know that we habitually (at least in hot weather) order the excellent Albarino, Lagar de Bouza (and what a splendid name that is for a wine!)

The Albarino grape comes from Galicia, on the Atlantic coast of Spain and this particular wine originates in the Rias Baixas. The Rias are large inlets from the sea which legend says were shaped by the fingers of God whilst standing in the garden of Eden. Hmm. This particular garden became an approved Denomination of Origin only in 1988 and it's really only in the last decade that Albarino has been available outside Galicia.

Bouzo do Rei, home of Lagar and Castel de Bouza

This example of Albarino is made by a small co-operative of five growers who make 2 Albarinos. The Lagar de Bouza is their second wine, slightly less refined than the Castel de Bouza, but still very round and fruity whilst being rather scented in a Riesling-like way.

Photo taken, amazingly, on a day when we weren't there!

Splendid. Three bottles disappeared yesterday over the course of a very productive lunch...