Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Essential rip-off

We are not convinced by Waitrose's new "budget" range Essential Waitrose. Waitrose is Agent Triple P's normal supermarket and he has been shopping there for years. However, all this new Essential range is is the old Waitrose own brand repackaged. It's not cheap, its just the same products at the same price with new labels. Trying to flog it as a budget range is misleading. It's just an own brand indistinguishable from Sainbury's and Tesco's own brands. Both these retailers, however, apart from their normal own brands, have a genuine budget range as well.

This effort can't conceal the fact that Waitrose's prices have goone through the roof in the last six months. I would guess that Triple P's standard shop there has increased in the region of 25-40% in price.

It's a rip-off!

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