Monday, June 1, 2009

Space Tourist Charles Simonyi


Recently returned from the International Space Station is software billionaire Charles Simonyi (or Simonyi Károly, to give him his correct name: born Budapest September 10, 1948). He is the only person rich enough and mad enough to pay for two space tourist flights. Simonyi (60)made his money at Microsoft where he was responsible for the development of Word and Excel before leaving to set up his own company.

Looks like a destroyer not a yacht

When he is not floating about in space he spends much of his time on his brutal-looking superyacht Skat, the 64th biggest (233') yacht in the world.

Not breeding material..

He went out with TV chef turned entrepreneur Martha Stewart (67) for 14 years but then uncermoniously dumped her for a 28 year old busty Swedish girl, Lisa Persdotter, who he married last year. What is it older men see in Swedish girls?

..very much better breeding material

We like your style Mr Simonyi!