Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hot Pants: Back to 1971!

Agent Triple P was walking up Oxford Street today when a girl turned out of a side road wearing genuine, bona fide hot pants! Not the sort of shorts that girls sometimes wear in the city (certainly not the dreaded culottes!) but proper bottom hugging, short, hot pants with a little turn up around the bottom of each leg. We sincerely hope that this is a pre-cursor of a new fashion this summer rather than just a one-off lady with a particular retro fashion sense!

Hot pants last held sway on the streets of London in 1971 so its about time they made a come back. People were scandalised at the time, of course, especially as many women said that they had to dispense with their knickers to avoid the dreaded visible panty line. However, even Royal Ascot had to relax its rules that year, although it was stated that "ladies in hot pants should only be allowed to enter the Royal Enclosure at Ascot if the ‘general effect’ was satisfactory". That sounds like an ideal job for Agent Triple P: "Stop! Now turn around young lady. Yes, most satisfactory! In you go!"

At about the same time, South West Airlines equipped its stewardesses with these fetching uniforms. It is ironic, therefore, that last year a "cabin attendant" (as they now have to be called) objected to the attire of one Kyla Ebbert who was told that her clothes were too skimpy to stay on the plane! She was told to change her miniskirt and top. In fact her outfit, shown below, was no less skimpy than many young women wear everyday and, in fact, by pulling her skirt down (how?) and her top up they did let her stay onboard.
Agent Triple P flies South West a lot when he is in California/Arizona/Nevada and thinks it's pretty good for a budget airline! The cabin staff do have a rather wacky sense of humour (we can't imagine British airways staff singing to the passengers) and it's nice to see that South West corporately have a sense of humour: they offered Kyla two free round trip tickets and introduced a special "skimpy" fare promotion!

Anyway, Kyla came out of it OK (which was no doubt her intention given the way she publicised the incident on US TV) with a contract to model for Playboy.

Kyla demonstrates her hot pants potential for Playboy

So an all-round happy ending.

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