Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Most searched item.. January

Ayshea Brough

We now have a facility which tracks what people were searching for when they came to this blog. Not surprisingly most people were looking for pictures of women but we did get the odd one looking for other things.

The top most searched items for January were (in order)

1 Ayshea brough
2 Luci Victoria
3 Sophie Howard
4 Linda Lusardi
5 Margaret Nolan
6 Danish Schoolgirls striptease
7 Gabrielle Drake
8 Sellotape history
9 Holly Willoughby
10 Fontainebleau Hotel
11 Brigitte Barclay
12 Brande Roderick
13 How to Murder your Wife soundtrack
14 Aphrodite Kallipygos
15 Norman bel Geddes

We are surprised by Ayshea Brough winning out against other more current pin ups girls but she got searches every day in January. Gabrielle Drake was also well up there showing that UFO is still popular. We will add another UFO lovely, Andrea Allan, later. Also, 1960s model and actress Margaret Nolan got a top 5 result. Probably because there aren't that many sites which feature these particular ladies. We are quite gratified to see that designer Norman bel Geddes beat out the likes of Helena Christensen, Lauren Pope, Cheryl Cole and Hannah Spearitt.

We were also surprised to see some people had actually left comments on the site, as we hadn't enabled e-mail notification, including one who worked with Miss Brough.

Miss Brigitte Barclay seems quite popular so I might put some more pictures of her up, as I only have one on the site compared with the other ladies.