Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost Babes: Andrea Allan from UFO

Here is another of the purple-bewigged lovelies from Gerry Anderson's UFO. The girls in the silver suits and purple hair were the crew of Moonbase from the paranoid 1970 classic. The series never explained the purple wigs; although when Moonbase characters came to Earth they left the wigs behind. It has been suggested that they were there to combat static electricity!

Andrea Allan played Moonbase operative Carol Miller in the show and in our opinion was the most beautiful of the Moonbase girls. Carol was born in Glasgow on November 18th, 1946. She first appeared on TV in 1965 and had a number of small parts on TV and film over the next ten years.

Andrea on The Benny Hill Show March 23rd 1977

Her final appearance being on an episode of the Benny Hill show in 1977 (where she was billed as Ellie Reece-Knight).

Italian poster for Scream...and Die! or Shadow of the Assassin as they called it.

Andrea in Scream...or Die!

Her biggest role was in the 1973 film Scream... and Die! directed by Spanish Horror film specialist José Ramón Larraz (best known for Vampyres (1974)), where she was the lead character.

She also had a co-starring role in Spanish Fly (1975) a film we remember seeing the trailer for at the cinema, and it looked bad even then. She featured in a shower scene with none other than classic character actor Leslie Phillips! In fact she took her clothes off in most of her film roles and it is in this period, thankfully, that she posed for Penthouse. There is a bizarre link to an earlier Gerry Anderson show in this dire sex-comedy. The producers hired the voice of Captain Scarlet Frances Matthews to dub a gay Spanish photographer!

Andrea posed for Penthouse for the August 1975 edition. She was not the Pet of the Month, that was English girl Jane Hargrave. In another bizarre link Jane now lives in Teddington, also the home of Benny Hill and indeed Teddington Studios where the Benny Hill Show was made. Anyway, here is Andrea in all her 37-24-36 glory. No further comments are neccessary!

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