Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas: something welcome, something not...

The new covers. Shplendid!

Agent DVD appeared out of the murky January gloom, on his stealth bomber like bicycle, yesterday afternoon. Now Agent DVD should be in a position of great favour at present. After all, he got us a superb Christmas present: the entire Ian Fleming James Bond books collection in their spiffy new retro covers. Agent Triple P hasn't read these for, perhaps, 30 years (one or two he hasn't read at all) and has never actually owned them so they will liven up many a dreary business trip this year (looks like Libya first, unfortunately, where James Bond is no doubt banned).

However, nearly all his karma points are lost because of the injection, like a virulent bio-agent, into the household of the Andy Williams Christmas fucking Album (as it is now officially know between Agent Triple P and his Canadian friends (one of whom kindly gave me the far more welcome and splendid Playboy: the Celebrities book)).

Actually having this abomination played all the way through makes us realise that "It's the most wonderful time of the year" is a positive highlight compared with much of the teeth rottingly sugary candy dross of the rest of the album. "Silver Bells" possibly taking the Smartie covered biscuit as the most musically inept and annoying song on there. It's as if someone had said, "Let's write a Christmas standard!" and then totally failed.

Aargh! The pain continues...