Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Service, bad service

Quite often Agent TP pops into our local Pret-a-Manger for a sandwich. It is always a delightful experience due to the friendly trio of Eastern European girls working their (T, V and D) who are always smiling and acting convincingly pleased to see you.

What a contrast with the gloomy staff of Foyles the bookshop, around the corner. At least now Foyles have dispensed with the Victorian sytem whereby you had to get a receipt in one place and pay at a little cash booth somewhere else. They could have spent more time training their staff who always look at you as if you have deliberately come in to spoil their shelf stacking. Look, we know that you have to stack shelves but shouldn't the queue of customers standing at the till recive some attention too? And when you do deign to wander over to the till you scowl your way through the whole transaction. The only exception we have found was the delightful young lady in the second hand section once.
Cheer up the lot of you!